If ransomware hits you... Do you have a solution in place?

Never lose your data?

5W Security & Disaster Recovery solutions will protect your critical data and IT systems

Your corporate processes depend on data. Securing your data and IT systems has never been more important. Just one backup won’t do, because your data, applications and IT systems are interconnected and together they play a critical role in your corporate processes. Image what might happen if someone wants to cause you trouble? Are you secure? How long can you last without your data and your IT systems? Which data is critical and which is not? 5W’s Security and Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (‘DRaaS’) solutions bring continuity to your critical corporate processes.

5W offers proven solutions with the help of a good, targeted scan for possible weaknesses, ensures continuous security and give you comprehensive advice about ways to approach security risks. 5W is your best bet if you’re looking for operational reliability and business continuity in the digital age.