If ransomware hits you... Do you have a solution in place?


What happens to your data when your cloud is disabled or malfunctions?

Cloud storage and backup of your data may seem solid and secure at first sight. You have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the backup does what it is supposed to do. However, behind the cloud service is a supplier. Your ‘cloud’ is the supplier’s hardware. In essence, this means as an end-user you face the same risks in the event of accidents or disasters. Will your backup go back far enough? Were backups performed in a timely manner? Will your (specific) applications be supported by the cloud supplier? Also, you may not want your data to be seen by foreign parties or governments. Data privacy might be handled differently in other countries than in yours.

5W ensures your data and applications will be available in the cloud and have you back to fully operational mode in no time.