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Human error

What happens to your data when an employee accidentally throws data away?

Human error is one of the most important reasons data or IT systems go offline for longer periods of time. According to several studies, human interference are the main cause of data loss in 50-60% of all cases. Examples are: turning equipment off too soon, cancelling back-up or storage processes or lost data carriers (USB sticks or external hard drives).
The key question arise: what serves as a good back-up? In any of these cases described above, you will lose data or your IT system will be (temporarily) unavailable without a good back-up and recovery strategy. Unfortunately, these types of situations cannot be entirely prevented but the 5W Health Check provides insights into which parts of your corporate processes are vulnerable for security threats. Furthermore, 5W offers solutions & services that will mitigate those security risks and prevent incidents from happening.

5W ensures your data and applications can handle human errors.